Write 31 Days – Day 5: Home


I am a day late. Yesterday was a very long day of travel and time change adjustments. I still did day 5 and if your late to the party, here’s why I’m writing every day of October.



We are not home. We have been on the road for a few long days now. Most of those days have been spent in the car and hotels.

At first it was so exciting. A road trip! Doesn’t it sound fun? Or are we the only crazy ones that think a road trip with two preschoolers sounds like a good idea? We have a little home body who loves vacation, as long as we go home at the end of the day. So it’s always a challenge.

There’s been lots of bribing, bargaining and snacks. That’s the secret to life with the tiny people at our house: snacks. Well, snacks and Band-Aids. I mean what wouldn’t popcorn and a Snoopy Band-Aid fix? And for the adults, we need a lot of prayer, Miller Lite and a sense of humor.

Lately we have had to dig deep for that sense of humor, so we are depending entirely on beer and Jesus.


We need hugs.