35th Birthday Celebration

This past weekend was my trifecta of the year. In one week I have my birthday, Mother’s Day and my wedding anniversary. Don’t feel sorry for my husband, he gave me two dates to choose from to plan a wedding based on the race car schedules in 2006! All of the racing wives are laughing right now because they know my pain. The Water Man and I met at a race track, an asphalt circle track for those of you that know about that kind of thing, and we were running full race schedules at that time. We no longer race regularly and he struggles between regretting our choice of wedding anniversaries and embracing getting it all knocked out at once! Anyway, I have to tell you, the birthday celebrations have changed!! 35 brings a whole different kind of celebrating and perspective!

The very first birthday wish I received was from My Sunshine… at 3am. No, we were not up celebrating, we were all sound asleep when suddenly we wake up to hollering coming from my 4 year old’s room. I cannot make this up; he is screaming “there’s a stick in my hiney bo, there’s a stick in my hiney bo, GET IT OUT!” After sprinting to my son’s room to investigate the emergency, I realized through my middle of the night interrogation that for the first time in his life, he is constipated. At this point, I am wide awake and struggling not to laugh because although funny, he is distraught. This child is what I call my fruitarian because all he ever wants to eat is fruit so he has never had this problem. After getting a big glass of water and sitting him on the potty, I realize he is too wound up to take care of business. So I open the closest reading material, Texas Monthly, the issue about Texas beaches. I sit down on the cold floor and as I start reading and talking about all the things we will do on an upcoming beach vacation, he starts to calm down and relax. He would get upset again and then calm down again; this went on for TWO HOURS. Two hours later, he finishes things up, hops off the potty and in this sweet voice says “Happy Birthday Day Mama”. He proceeds to climb into my bed and fall right back to sleep as the monitor goes off because sister is awake. Two of the best hours of my day, I hope we never stop having our talks. Happy Birthday to me! Don’t judge this picture, I was up all night!