4 Year Old Chicken Farmer: Introducing our Baby Chicks

Clearly I am crazy to add anything else to our plate, especially this summer, but… we got baby chicks! You can see our first little flock here. We got some when My Sunshine was 2 and it was the sweetest thing ever. It ended badly when a fox found our girls and slowly picked them off one at the time. Our first go round, we started with 9 chicks and ended up giving some to friends before the attack. This time mama was a little smarter and started with 3! My Sunshine is just as precious with them and is the most attentive and loving chicken farmer you have ever laid eyes on. When I have doubts about the chickens, I see him with them and hear him pray for them (by name) each night and I know I did the right thing. Plus, farm fresh organic eggs!! Your welcome friends and neighbors! Also, I have to mention Nana was here both times we purchased chicks, I think she might be a bad influence! With out further adieu, meet our girls!

Backyard preschool chicken farmers are the cutest!! Beware, you will want chicks after reading this.
Cutest Chicken Farmer in the History of all Chicken Farmers!


Left to Right: Cookie, Beautiful & Miss Glory


Long, Serious Talks


Warming Up


Checking Things Out

What did I tell you? Does that little chicken farmer just melt your heart? He named the chickens. Cookie, pronounced “Tookie” is a Bantam Crested Polish Special which is a tiny exotic chicken that may not be a good layer but my chicken farmer had to have her and Tookie is definitely his favorite! Beautiful is a Sussex and he named her that because “she is a girl and girls are beautiful and she will lay beautiful eggs” oh bless his heart! And naturally Miss Glory is an Ameraucana and she will be our Easter egg layer, we can’t wait to see all the colorful eggs she lays! We got the chicks when they were 1 day old from Callahan’s General Store in Austin. If you haven’t taken your kiddos to Callahan’s on a Saturday, you are missing out! They have all of their animals out, there is usually delicious BBQ being sold outside and the store is just so much fun!

Right now the chicks are in a tub in the garage but they will be ready for a coop soon! My Sunshine holds them up to him and has long, sweet talks with them about everything. “You’re ok, you live with me now and I love you. I will “neva, eva” hurt you. And I like Spiderman and I’m “supa” fast like the Flash.” It’s just too much! My Wildflower is not as sure about the ladies. She wants to hold them so bad and then just can’t. She always wants to go see them but small animals still freak her out a bit! It’s pretty funny! We are currently in the market for a coop and excited to start taking the babies outside for a little playtime during the day! We will keep you posted with all of our chicken adventures!

Here’s the coop update!