Backyard Chicken Farm Update

Children love animals, what's better than backyard chickens!
Proud Preschool Chicken Farmer

Anyone need an update on my preschool chicken farmer? Good! Because we got a coop and painted it and put it together and the girls are loving it!

I found this great but tiny little coop on Craigslist. It’s not big but that is a good thing. I might be a sucker for baby chicks and we only need a tiny backyard flock! This precious chicken coop came Ikea style in LOTS of pieces. I assured The Water Man there would be no need for his help, I have assembled my share of Ikea furniture. Thank you very much!

So we bought our coop and I thought it was treated and ready to put together. Turns out the seller said it needed to be painted! Fail. Painting is my very least favorite thing to do. So we headed to Home Depot to let my chicken farmer pick his paint colors. My Sunshine’s favorite color is yellow of course and as he reviewed colors and needed to know the name of EVERY SINGLE paint color they sell, how could he resist Pumpkin Glow??? I talked him into the blue as an accent color and let me tell you how excited The Water Man was about these colors to paint a coop that is displayed in his yard. Sometimes, I make bad parenting choices.

As it turns out, it’s 200 degrees here in Texas and I have a little wild child running around trying to drink paint and eat rocks. Thankfully my mom and sister stopped by on the way home from the river to paint all day in the heat and chase the bug eater. My sister was absolutely roped into this (Sorry B) but Nana might as well be part owner of this flock and she loves to work I swear!

After an all day painting session with the family, I put the kids to bed and painted into the night to finish up. Then I woke up to the coop put together on my front porch! Thankfully my husband listens to about 10% of what I say because I could have never put this thing together! It had to be modified and drills were brought out and a razor blade because I painted most of the doors shut! Well done honey!

It is an adorable little chicken coop and the chickens absolutely love it! The ladies are loving being outside and we must visit them in the heat several times a day! I do have very attentive farmers and My Wildflower is much happier about the girls being locked up, it’s much safer. Especially since they are growing like weeds! I couldn’t get a decent picture of Miss Glory but she is looking just as fabulous as these other beauties.

“Tookie” is still the family favorite and her (possibly his) head poof is getting fuller by the day! This week we paid a visit to the local feed store for more chick starter and we just had to have a bag full of “chicken Cheetos” also known as dried worms for treats. I’ve decided that preschool chicken farms definitely have the most spoilt chickens. My Sunshine asked me if he could feed them some of the cookies we baked last week. Chocolate chip flavored eggs anyone?

8 Week Old Chicken
8 Week Old Sussex Chick

Here’s the chicks if you missed it and a sad update on Beautiful