Goodbye Baby, Because Everyone Loves the Terrible Twos

Hilarious way to say goodbye to the baby phase and hello to the terrible two's!

Y’all know my baby turned two last week, please hear me saying this with a shaking voice, mama is not taking it so well. So I was going to write a sappy post about how we are saying goodbye to our baby but I could not bring myself to do it. I would have made y’all cry, I would have cried, it would have been a mess. But as we have neared the twos, something has been very evident, my baby has the terrible twos. My Sunshine who is now five was a dreamy two year old, don’t talk to me about his threes though, that’s another story. But pretty early on, I knew My Wildflower might give me a run for my money a little earlier and I was right. So I still might make y’all cry but we must remember this is a season and it will be sad to see it go to0. This is how we are saying goodby to our baby and tip toeing into the terrible two territory!

Goodbye nap time, mama doesn’t need a break anyway.

Goodbye diapers, because public bathrooms are not gross.

Goodbye crib, because who wants to sleep without a toddler on their face.

Goodbye highchair, how could I enjoy a meal without someone in my lap.

Goodbye vegetabes, goldfish is all the nutrition you really need.

Goodbye Grey’s Anatomy, everyone wants the Mickey Mouse theme song stuck in their head anyway.

Goodbye quiet time, tantrums are the anthem of twos.

Goodbye pets inside, because dogs don’t really need eyeballs.

Goodbye showering alone, who doesn’t want a toddler poking at their private parts.

Goodbye pride, all of Chick Fil A does need to know mama tooted.

Goodbye clean house, because toys are the latest in home decor.

Goodbye daddy time, no one needs more siblings.

Goodbye clean car, curdled milk is a really nice air freshener anyway.

Goodbye private bathroom time, because mommy does need to explain how girls pee through their front butt.

Thank you for holding my hand through this new and exciting time. I reminisced last year about my baby girl growing up. It’s happening too fast. I am so thankful and yet still trying to stop time.