Water Wife Life: Meet My People

Hello friends and Happy New Year! I ended the year with a gorgeous new site design by Carrie Loves, she is amazing and I highly recommend her for all of your beautiful creations! I made a lot of changes and my About page now tells you a little bit more about The Water Wife community and what I do! So for those of you that missed it, I thought I would introduce you to the farm and to my people, the humans that give me life and grey hair!

I am starting a new series to keep you posted on these crazies and what’s going on around the lake! So welcome to the first installment of the Water Wife Life, family style!

Great family photograph of fun, genuine laughter and character!

Look at these babies!! This is The Water Man and I before he made me an honest woman and before the littles. This picture was from our engagement “shoot” and I have a super funny story to go with it that I will share with you soon! We’ve been making spoons for a over a decade on the shores of Lake Travis and The Water Man is an innovator in all things water. His marine contractor business is based on Lake Travis but he builds on lakes and ponds all over Texas!

Honesty about marriage, love, struggle and loss and how you can heal and move on.

Here’s that handsome thing, and this picture right here sums him up. He makes me laugh, I talk him to sleep and we make adorable water babies!

The Water Man, my husband and a man's man, lover of all things Lake Travis.

Speaking of water babies, these little monsters are the reason I haven’t slept since 2009, but they sure are cute!

Adorable kids photography lakeside in Texas!

This is My Sunshine, he just turned 5 and he has mastered the art of negotiating in his underwear. This little mama’s boy is trying to grow up on me and it’s breaking my heart.

Austin, Texas mom blogger introduces her family, her little backyard farm and writes about marriage, motherhood and loss.

This is My Wildflower, my happy girl! She has a mind of her own, is her daddy’s heart, loves to boss her brother around and double fists waffles!

Texas mom blogger who is real, funny and honest talk about her family, marriage, motherhood and loss.

This old handsome man is Hudson, he’s still mad at me about the kids but loves them just the same. He fondly remembers a time when our house was quiet.

The best family pet to have with children, our old chocolate labrador retriever who is over a decade old and our heart.

This is Fatty Foo Foo, Hudson’s best friend. We have a pet goat, I don’t know how that happen. He thinks he’s part lab and eats all my gardening efforts.

Who doesn't have a family pet goat in their backyard, yellow Texas!

This is Honey Flash, our newest addition. She is “yellow” like my son (as in his blond hair) so clearly she is the only one related to him. Yes, we have a puppy and a toddler because we make very bad parenting decisions.

Our little farm's yellow labrador retriever puppy!

And these gorgeous ladies are Beautiful and Miss Glory, they are raised by a couple of preschool chicken farmers! Don’t worry, they do roam free, I just had to take a couple of updated pictures behind bars because they are on lock down for pulling all nighters in the trees with Bones, the rooster who lives next door. #scandalous

Backyard chickens are just the start for this fun family farm!

Urban chicken farms are the best, especially when they're run by preschoolers.


So that’s the farm! If you follow me on Instagram, you know the girls recently started laying eggs, Honey Flash is going to pee in the house forever and we’ve been hanging at the lake pretending like it’s spring. I have been keeping my one and only New Year’s resolution and we’ve been laughing at our new Amazon Echo, she’s like the home version of Siri on your iPhone. I’ve been tweeting all the funny things my babes ask her! “Alexa, where is my mom?” It’s always entertaining around here!