My First Five Minute Friday

Before the Curls

I decided I would participate in a little writing community challenge called Five Minute Friday. Every Friday all these writers are given a word and write for 5 minutes about it. #FMF No editing, no worry, just writing. I have been in the throes of Hand Foot & Mouth with both kiddos, a sinus infection, stomach bacteria and teething with the little one so I have been absent. I thought I could do 5 minutes today and just writing feels like a breath of fresh air. Here goes, the word is #Same


I looked up this word at 4am after getting my teething baby back to sleep. I say baby, but she will be 18 months old this month. The growing up is so painfully bittersweet from my perspective. I laid there in the middle of the night soaking in my sweet girl softly snoring between my husband and I and there’s an intense longing for her to just stay the same.

She is perfection.

I can’t imagine her any more precious than she was at that moment. I took comfort in telling myself that she is the same as she was yesterday. But it’s a lie. I know she is different. She is different in ways I cannot see, physically and mentally, she is growing at light speed. Slow down my heart whispers over her, stay the same sweet love. If only a mother’s desires could slow down time. I imagine it’s the same wish mothers have had for generations.

Then I notice the new curl over her left ear that sprung out just this week and a smile spreads across my face. It occurs to me as much as I want my baby just to stay the same, I am thankful she doesn’t. I am thankful for her health and normal growth. And I am thankful for that enduring little curl that I think has become my new favorite.