The Secret to Road Trips with Kids

The secrets to road trips with kids! This is a must read for family travel!

I am days behind on my challenge  because we are the crazy people who decided a 12 day road trip with 2 preschoolers was a good idea. It did not help that both kids and myself got sick 3 days in and stayed that way for the duration. I’ve decided to give myself some grace and play a quick game of catch up! It has been an adventure and we have all had to dig deep over the past 2 weeks for patience.

When the 18 month old was over the car ride, had eaten days worth of snacks and was screaming banshee style next to her brother who hates loud noises, we had to have patience. When the 4 year old had to pee so we pulled over because there was no gas station for miles and he refused to go in the grass so he whined for the next hour while we wondered if he could hold it, patience.

When daddy refused to stop to feed the people in the car so we could get to our destination quicker, we all found patience… and snacks. When I forgot we were traveling like the Griswold’s with a cargo top carrier and attempted to pull down a hotel awning in the middle of the night… patience. (In my defense, the awning is still up and the carrier has only a small and repairable hole.)

And when no one slept pretty much the entire trip then hung out for days in small quarters together… patience. Road trips with children are not for the weak or the intolerant. Let me assure you in case you are considering a family vacation, no amount of movies, treats or stories about how we rode in cars as kids, will keep the littles occupied for 40 plus hours stuck in car seats.

My best advice; be prepared for the unexpected, be ready to fly down the road for emergency pit stops, keep your sense of humor about you so you can laugh through the insanity and have an endless supply of patience.

This is not the first crazy road trip I’ve documented, read about Lake Possum Kingdom or how Beer and Jesus will keep you going!