National Children Dental Health Month + 12 Tips for Healthy Kids Teeth


February is the American Dental Association’s Nation Children Dental Health Month. I was a preschool teacher and director in my former life, so I know all about the importance of pediatric oral care. We brought pediatric dentists into our schools every February to teach proper dental hygiene for kids. I thought I knew how important … Read more

Kids Morning Routine Ideas

  Fine, one day I am going to stop complaining about rising at the crack of dawn to get to kindergarten on time. #schoolmomlife But probably not until next summer, so bear with me. I have discovered that we are the slowest moving of all the creatures before the 8am hour, so I have had … Read more

How Your Children Will Remember You

This is a beautiful reminder for mothers to give themselves a break because their children see them beautifully.

Mama, do you ever wonder how your children will remember you? How do they see you? What will you look like in their memories when they’re older? I watch movies where they have these beautiful images of their mothers in their minds. You know, the mother montage that shows her hair blowing in the wind, … Read more