TEAM RHETT (Write 31 Days – Day 12: Storm)

Team Rhett



Everyone faces their own kind of storm. You can look in any direction and see someone in a desperate trial. Everyone handles these situations differently. And how you handle adversity usually means the difference in your survival and whether it will break you or grow you. Lately I have been glued to my phone following the Spangler family and the storm they are walking through with their sweet baby Rhett.

Rhett Parker Wyatt Spangler was born last week on October 6th with Tricuspid Valve Atresia with Malposed Great Vessels which basically means his heart didn’t form correctly. Rhett’s defect was diagnosed at 22 weeks in utero which means his parents, Amanda and Jordan have been processing this information for the entire second half of the pregnancy.


Rhett’s first heart surgery was performed on October 8th, when he was just 2 days old. The surgery left his chest open for 2 days and Amanda and Jordan were actually able to SEE and FEEL his little heart beating. Modern medicine is miraculous. Thanks be to God, Rhett is doing exceptionally well. This family has been covered in prayers, love and support.

There are so many extrodinary things about this tough little boy’s fight. But what I think has really struck me, is how this family has weathered the storm. This little family, Jordan, Amanda, big brother Talon and little Rhett are not just surviving this, they are conquering it. They have been unbelievably brave, strong, and positive. They are walking through this together with grace, joy and their sense of humor intact. I am in awe of their fortitude and I look forward to following them as they take their son home.


Read Rhett’s story and follow them on Facebook to keep up with his progress! And please join me in making a donation to the family for medical expenses and lifting them up in prayer.

Spamgler Family


If you still don’t know, here’s why I’m writing every day of October.