The Flu, a Snake, Tee Ball, Tornados & The Whole 30 Experiment

Friends, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve given y’all an update from the farm so I thought I would let you know what’s been going on! We took a little trip to Houston for spring break. We hit up the zoo, the Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo, Galveston and saw all our friends and family. We made it home in time to pick strawberries at our favorite farm and take my little yellow kindergartener mutton bustin’ at the Austin Rodeo! It was all so fun and I’m exhausted just telling y’all about it. But anytime you travel with a toddler, you’re going to come home sick. It’s a scientific fact.

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So, my little lady brought home the flu, hand, foot and mouth and a raging ear infection. (She still has her hands in her mouth all.the.time.) It was rough on my girl and we spent the better part of 5 days in our rocking chair cooling her down with wet rags and alternating meds to control the high fever. A few times we had the put her in cold baths to keep it below 105. Thankfully, no one else in the family got it. I am praying I didn’t poison anyone with the amount of Lysol I used in the house.

But in typical fashion, my strong, happy girl perked up and got well in time to turn 3. What?!?! How is my baby 3? It’s terrible and wonderful all at the same time. I’ll fill you in on the festivities of celebrating my little lake mermaid soon! But let’s just say turning 3 is exhausting.

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We survived spring break, the flu and started tee ball. Tiny people sports is one of the greatest, most entertaining things on earth. I love watching my guy play ball. Kids learn so much in sports and we are loving going to his games even though we get home late on school nights. It’s been totally worth it. By the way, I’ve learned for the first time how miserable spring break + time change + school is. #momnightmare We are counting down to summer like you wouldn’t believe.

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We did have an eventful afternoon on our little farm last week when I went to collect eggs from the chicken coop and found this monster with a belly full of eggs. One of the scariest moments EVER. Seriously. It’s just a rat snake, but he was huge and I hate all snakes. And by the way, when people say, oh that’s a “good snake”… you do know good snakes still bite, right!?! Anyway, no shame here that we relocated him into the dirt, this picture still makes my skin crawl. I had to call for backup because The Water Man was on the lake so our cousin and my boy took care of it. Gross. My kids are still talking about it.

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Then we had more excitement on Sunday when a tornado blew over Lake Travis. The kids and I took cover at church with the other volunteers and The Water Man was on the lake shortly after assessing the damage. Thankfully no one was hurt but there are a lot of docks and marinas that got hit pretty hard.

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And finally, my Whole 30 experiment. I didn’t even want to share this because I don’t really wanna be held accountable…but, I am doing the Whole 30 reset. I am actually doing the Whole 30 Autoimmune Protocol as an experiment. I have two autoimmune diseases, and I was on long term, high dose prednisone for a couple of years. Since getting off, I feel pretty crummy. So I’m hoping to see if I can find some symptom relief and help my body heal from the steroids. Wish me luck, I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going. But in the meantime, I am meal prepping like crazy, missing coffee something serious and eating too many vegetables.

That about sums it up! The chickens are getting a new coop because we’re all too scared to check for eggs. We’re living at the tee ball field, I officially have a potty trained 3-year-old and The Water Man is busy this spring with mother nature’s latest disaster. Oh, and of course, it’s that time of year again for bluebonnet pictures! Happy Spring from Texas y’all!

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