The Water Wife Turns ONE!

Austin Texas Mommy Blogger who shares inspiration and humor about motherhood, marriage and loss.

I have not disappeared! It has been a busy month for us! We have a lot to celebrate in the month of May and this year we added to it.

The Water Wife turns one! As of a couple of weeks ago, this little ol’ blog of mine has been out on the interwebs for one year. That’s exciting! I never thought I would take the leap to put my words out in public, to be there forever, but I’m so glad I did. So for all of you reading (I’m talking to you mom) Thank you!!!

I started this Texas mom blog when I needed to keep my mind busy and off of scary health stuff when I was visiting Dr. Google a little too often. My sweet real life friend Kelly from Live Love Texas gave me the push, encouragement and support I needed when I was unsure and didn’t know which direction to go! She’s a rockstar like that.

I’ve looked back over the year and as it turns out, some of my most vulnerable posts have been y’alls favorites. You love to read about my people, The Water Man and our preschool chicken farmers too! Thank you for the love! In case you missed them, here’e your top 5 faves!

  1. Marriage Advice & Toilet Paper
  2. The Clutch Husband
  3. Hope After Loss
  4. Life After Loss
  5. The Practice of Gratitude

My most favorite posts to write are my funnies and some of you even find them humorous which is awesome because The Water Man is constantly telling me I am not funny. So thank you for laughing with me, or at me, either way at least we’re laughing!! I LOVE to read your hysterical comments and stories y’all share on my Facebook and Instagram to The Water Man to prove my most embarrassing moments do entertain! Thank you for reading, thank you for sharing and thank you for a fun first year!

I’ll update y’all with all the May celebrations, health issues we have run into and what we’ve been doing this month soon!