What Happen To My Boobs? Life After Breastfeeding

Life After Breastfeeding

Have you ever been measured? Like at Victoria’s Secret, like your boobs? Me either… until today. I never thought I would be able to walk into a lingerie shop and ask for help, I’m more of the fly under the radar type. I don’t even want anyone to know I’m there, let alone put a tape measure around my chest and announce my bra size! Also, I did not know how they would measure. Rest assured, you keep everything on, and they do it right over your shirt! I can’t be the only one that has worried about that! The sweet girl who helped me was so kind and easy to talk to. I was lost before she approached me. I am so glad I let her help me, because let me tell you, I needed help!

Why you may wonder? Why at 35 years old can’t I buy a bra by myself? Frankly, my boobs have left the building. What once was firm, perky and full is no more. Let me give my disclosure, I am SO blessed with 2 healthy children. I am SO thankful I was able to nurse both of them. I would NEVER change that choice! But breastfeeding has taken its toll on the girls. And although I always try to appreciate what my body parts do for me, I’ve decided it’s okay to mourn the loss of some old friends. It’s okay to briefly ponder what once was, and long for a time when my boobs still resided high on my chest and not so close to my waist! Can we just have a moment of silence?

Thank you for sharing that with me.

But I am not one to stick around in the grief too long, so I took myself up to Victoria’s Secret for a little damage control. This is when this darling young girl asks me if I needed help as I am pushing a stroller piled high with push up bras! And I just blurt out, tmi but I just quit breastfeeding and nothing is where it should be, nothing I have worn in years fits and surly I am a size A but I’m hoping to pull some side fat forward and up that letter! Hahaha, I joke, I did not tell her my plans for my side fat! I didn’t want to scare her off of her future all in one visit (I am thinking of going back for sports bras so there’s still time). As it turns out when she said my measurements I was shocked and really didn’t believe her until I saw it myself. They are not gone; they were lost! Some good quality bras helped them find their way back and I am SO thankful for that!

So when it’s over, when your babies have moved on to whole milk and you are sad at the way things have resituated. When you have had your tears, you’ve lifted and dropped your girls a few times in the mirror wondering where things went wrong, take heart. We are with you sister. Come back here, take your moment of silence with us, put on your big girl panties and get yourself some good quality, well-fitting bras and get the ladies back in business! Who doesn’t want to feel good about themselves again? Especially with all those mama hormones and bittersweet nursing goodbyes bringing you down. Do something for yourself dear friend. Lift more than your spirits!

Check back tomorrow for my top 5 tips on buying bras after breastfeeding!