Coffee Lover’s Whole30 + 8 Compliant Coffee Options


Y’all know I’m on my second round of Whole30, I am actually on my last week, hallelujah! I’ve been getting a ton of questions on my coffee situation so I thought I would give you everything I know about drinking coffee on Whole30. In one of my Whole30 Facebook groups, someone posted a question asking participants what their biggest reason was for procrastinating starting Whole30 and you know what the number one answer was? Coffee! Everyone was talking about being too afraid to give up their coffee or change how they drink it! I’m not gonna lie, I said for years I couldn’t do Whole30 because I couldn’t give up my coffee with cream and sugar. Inconceivable. But guess what, I did it, I’m so thankful I did and you can too.

For two decades I have been a coffee with cream and sugar girl. There’s nothing I enjoy more than my morning coffee. As many times as I’ve counted calories to diet, I kept my cream and sugar in my coffee. I would rather eat lettuce and chicken later than drink my coffee black. But y’all, taste buds can change and mine have. Now my favorite fancy coffee is an almond milk latte and it’s still my biggest craving while I’m on Whole30 but on a daily basis, I drink cold brewed black coffee. After Whole30 and struggling with candida, I decided I just couldn’t start my day with dairy and sugar anymore. #adulting Along the way to finding the perfect Whole30 coffee, I tried a lot of different varieties and I these are the 8 best Whole30 compliant coffee options. Try one or try them all and find your favorite replacement for thirty days or forever!

1   Only Tea
For my first Whole30, I read a suggestion to just drink tea and no coffee. People find it easier to give up coffee entirely than to drink it without the fixin’s. I also followed the autoimmune protocol to cut coffee out so tea was my only option for caffeine, I drank hot and cold unsweetened tea. This is a great option if you don’t mind unsweet tea and don’t want to mess up your coffee. A little coffee hiatus was actually not as hard as I thought it would be and I am a die-hard coffee lover.

2   Black Cold Coffee
This is how I switched to black coffee, I started with the less bitter, low acid option of cold brewed. I buy concentrated and mix it with water but you can also mix it with a compliant nut milk. Read more about how I made the switch here. My two favorite cold brews are Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee and Kohana Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate. Both are super gentle on the tummy and I promise it will surprise you with how smooth it is!

3   Black Hot Coffee
You can totally grow some chest hair and go straight to hot black coffee (which I can drink now) but I don’t recommend it. So many people try regular coffee and it’s too harsh and usually poor quality or over roasted so it can taste nasty. Whatever you do, you will eventually get used to it if you stick with it. So if you want to just go all out, by the end of thirty days, you may be a black coffee believer!

4   Nut Pods
Nut Pods are a Whole30 approved non-dairy unsweetened creamer made from a mix of coconut and almond milk. My sister and I both used these and both thought they were okay. Some people swear by them and they can definitely help you get through the thirty days or soften the blow of black coffee. They are better than nothing and are a quick option. I will use these this winter when the temps drop and I want a little creamy indulgence, but don’t expect this to taste like your Coffeemate!

5   Cinnamon & Coconut Oil
If you are longing for your sweet morning cup, try a sprinkle of cinnamon and/or coconut oil. Some mornings I just melted a teaspoon of coconut oil right into my hot coffee. It took the bitterness away and the coconut flavor made a decent sugar substitute. I am not a huge cinnamon fan, but it does give your coffee some flavor and sometimes I still use it!

6   Compliant Cream & Frother
This version is pretty extravagant but I use canned Organic Unsweetened Coconut Cream, which is pretty hard to find at the grocery store and an inexpensive Frother to create a latte style hot coffee. You put the whole can of coconut cream in the fridge then scoop the hardened cream off the top into your hot coffee. Use the frother to mix and froth up the creamy top. I still make this on the weekends when I have more time to indulge my coffee preferences. It’s yummy and creamy and I love it. Don’t judge me for buying a frother… it makes all the difference!

7   Bulletproof Coffee
Alright, I put this one on here because I did try it with coconut oil and ghee but I am not a fan. It is also pretty time consuming and not worth the effort for me. I am not trying to add fat to my diet, I get plenty of healthy fats and I’m not on the Keto diet so for me it just felt too heavy. But if bulletproof coffee is your jam then grab some compliant ingredients and get after it, there are recipes all over the google.

8   Frozen Coffee Smoothie
This one is more of a sweets craving, afternoon pick me up. This is a spin-off of the banana ice cream I make for my kids. I throw some frozen bananas, almond butter, unsweetened cashew milk and cold coffee concentrate into the blender. The cashew milk makes it creamy and the bananas make it a little sweet for the perfect caffeinated treat!

This should be enough options for you to find something that is do-able for the next thirty days, at least. After all, it’s just thirty days and you can do anything for a month. I am so glad I didn’t let my coffee habit hold me back from trying the Whole30, it changed my life in so many positive ways. So get started already and tell me how you take your coffee or your biggest fear in starting Whole30.