Wimberley Strong


Y’ALL!!! Go to Wimberley!!!

As you all know, Wimberley, TX, the beautiful little town on the Blanco River was devastated in the Memorial Day floods. In true Texas style, Texas has stepped up for this little community in a big way! Now Wimberley is asking us for more than donations and volunteering. Wimberley just wants to see us! Wimberley’s economy depends on their annual tourism. No one wants to see this community suffer further because travelers are afraid to visit! Yesterday we decided to take a daytrip ourselves and check it out!

First we loaded up the truck with supplies and friends, we took Hamilton Pool Road out to 12 and hit no traffic!



We took our donations to the Wimberley High School. When I tell you that I walked into that gymnasium and got chills, I mean it. The amount of donations took my breath away. The degree of organization was a testament to the time volunteers have spent helping. And the people. The people there accepting the donations were incredible. They were so kind, so thankful, so excited we were coming to spend the day. Junior high and high schoolers there, unloading my truck, thanking us and throwing around “mam’ reminded me why we live in the Hill Country. I wish the pictures did it justice.




After we made the drop, we stopped into the Cypress Creek Café and enjoyed the gorgeous weather on the patio. All of our food was delish and our waitress Rita was wonderful! The kids loved all the big boots in town!







After lunch we walked over to The Old Mill General Store for ice cream and shopping and My Wildflower fell in love with a pig we named Polka Dotty!



We enjoyed the sunshine and the breeze walking through the square! We all had so much fun shopping and finding treasures!




Then we stopped into The Wimberley Pie Company and picked up cookies and pies and even a meatloaf dinner to take home with us!




The kids left their grandpa a surprise apple pie and soft chocolate chips cookies and we are all still enjoying the Wimberley treats! Daddy loved the fudge pie and I have to tell you, it makes an excellent breakfast with your coffee!






We had such a fun day in Wimberley, I can’t wait to go back! It was the perfect day trip, but I am looking forward to going for a weekend getaway. There is so much to do and enjoy, we will definitely be making regular summer stops with the kids! But I have to tell you my favorite part of our visit was meeting the people, talking with everyone and seeing the comradery of the community, the genuine gratitude on their faces and joy they all have despite what they have been through. If you would like a little reminder of what’s important in life, go spend some time in this little river town we love.

Market Days start this weekend, get more information here. Or here for information on Wimberley and help planning your visit. You will be so very glad you did! And tell ’em we said hello!