Motherhood & Sprinkle Poop


Oh the life of a mother and conversations you never thought you’d have. I am constantly having to find new hiding places for the sprinkles. As in the sugar and food coloring combination that children love to decorate on all things baked. My Sunshine also loves to eat them straight, like by the fistful or just head back full on assault of the jar. We have actually found him hiding under his bed with a flashlight and the 6 compartment canister of Halloween sprinkles being dumped into his face.

His love for these tiny confections seem harmless besides the following sugar rush and crash. However, if you have never had a child eat an entire container of sprinkles (on multiple occasions) then you might not know about another little side effect. That amount of food coloring actually turns human poop colors, unbelievably bright, fantastic colors. I could not make this up, you know I am the hiney wiping concierge so I know about little people poop. And, that can also stain your child’s bum, even after a bath for up to 24 hours. We have had more than one conversation about the colorful situation.

So last night we are eating supper and I ask My Sunshine why he no longer eats guacamole because he use to love it. And he says to me “I also use to have a green hiney. You say it’s from sprinkles, but I think that guac looks more like green poop than anything I ever seen in my life. I think that gives you green poop and a green hiney, not the sprinkles”. This is the kind of 4 year old reasoning and negotiating I am dealing with over here.

And The Water Man wonders why I need more adult conversations in my life.

*Also, I got My Sunshine’s permission to post this. When I told him I was writing about his sprinkle poop on my blog today, he goes “AWESOME”.

Oh 4 year old boys!

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