Write 31 Days – Day 10 & 11: Ready & Rest

Ready for Rest

Ready & Rest


Between the exhaustion of being sick, up all night Friday and being on vacation, I missed yesterday’s post. When I looked at the prompt to see what I was going to do with 2 posts today, I had to combine the prompts. As this writing challenge has turned into 31 days of writing about motherhood for me, there maybe nothing that describes motherhood better than being READY to REST.

Rest comes in many forms; sleep, rejuvenation, a break, relief, stillness and calm. Do you know any mothers who couldn’t use some? Before I had children, I took relaxing for granted. I thought, like many parents that you give up your sleep temporarily for a newborn. I never even considered the loss of other types of rest. Even with great sleepers, rest is still elusive.

To get anything accomplished, I find myself staying up half the night or rising before the sun. There are never enough quiet hours in the day so keeping normal hours is a challenge in itself. Once the Water Man found me sitting in the dark on the couch, no tv, no phone, nothing, just enjoying the silence. Sometimes you forfeit sleep just to get the stillness, the calm. And it’s the only way to get my quiet time. When I find my patience in short supply and my resentment running high, I know it’s time for rest.

Mamas don’t underestimate your desperate need to recharge. Find the time for yourself and don’t feel guilty. I may find rejuvenation in quiet time with the Lord, silence by myself, a break to spend time with my husband and friends or just some sleep. However I can get it, I am always ready for rest.


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