Motherhood & the Joy of Saying YES

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Nothing like being 5 days behind in the Write 31 Days challenge! I’m combining some prompts and here’s what I was doing one night instead of blogging!

I feel like I am constantly saying no. I am my children’s primary care giver so although I get more memories with them than anyone, I also have to be the bad guy a lot! No you cannot have ice cream, no you cannot watch one more show, no the chickens cannot come in the house, no you cannot play in the street or plug in the Christmas lights. No wonder it was one of my daughter’s first words. It kind of sounds like my favorite word!

I wish my children understood how important all of those no’s are. I’m confident that one day they will understand how my boundaries kept them safe, healthy and taught them life skills. One day I hope they appreciate the value in my no’s. Deep down, even now, they know that no one loves them like their mother. No one does more for them each day than me.¬†Our bond is precious and will grow even more special over time.

But some days, I just want to say yes. Yes because it feels good. Yes because I can. Yes, because we must have balance in this life. So last week in place of the healthy dinner I had cooked, the kids sat on the kitchen counters and as a family we stood around a loaf of homemade bread and I said yes. Yes to white bread with butter and honey for supper. Yes to the unbelieving giggles of happiness. Yes to a late bedtimes after eating sweets so late. Yes to some much needed family time. Yes to joy!

It felt good, it cost me a long bedtime with shorten time to myself and it was worth every second.

I hope I’m not the only one that says yes sometimes just for the fun of it! I have to be careful though because sometimes yes turns into chickens!